Optare buses

Medway's Optare Solos

Arriva have now branded these as the "Capstone Flyer". Which despite what they would like you to belive, the 113/114 route is now slower than it used to be using these ultra slow buses. plus the route is no longer a nice loop, which was usefull for connecting different places.

OH NO, someone has been run over!.....

Just kidding. He is actually a mechanic trying to repair a broken down optare solo in Chatham bus station.

Sittingbourne/Sheerness Optare Solos

Dartfords's Optare Solo SRs

Tunbridge Wells' Optare Solo SRs

Tunbridge Wells' Optare Versas

Maidstone's Optare Versa

Medway's Optare Versas


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Bus and Coach


Here are some promotional articles from when these buses were new.
WARNING: These pages contain pretentious promotional language.
Its a good idea to be a bit sceptical. You have been warned!

A stupid Arriva promotional article for the now slower "Capstone Flyer"(Medway's Optare Solos)

Arriva's promotional article for Tunbridges's Versas (for route 402)

Arriva's promotional article for Maidstone's Versa (for route 6/7)


Here are some News reports from when these buses were new.

Medway Messenger - Changes to Medway bus routes (includes the "capstone Flyer")