Milton Range

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Status: IN USE
Access to site: No

This is a firearms training range near gravesend.

There used to be a train station here. This was a very nice little halt in the middle of nowhere, and the strangest thing about it was that it had a signal right in the middle of the platform. This station had been abandoned since 1961 but despite this the platforms survived until 2008/2009 when the station was sadly demolished. click here to see the station

Here is the range

NOTE: This site is still in use. When the red flags are up the range is in use.

Next to the range is a police training center. This place has been made to look like an entire town, it even has two trains, one is a 1959 underground train (out of sight), and the other can been seen from around the back of the center (i can't tell what type of train this is, if you know please send me a message).