Shorts Tunnels

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Status: Abandoned!
Access to site: NO (grrrrrrrrrr)

The Shorts Tunnels are a maze of underground tunnels under rochester. They used to be the Shorts Brothers factory for making airoplanes in the war.

These tunnels are abanoned, and were accessible until 2010 when some chavs lit a fire in the tunnels so the council blocked up the last remaining entrance.

The tunnels could still be acsessed via an air shaft. Someone had put a ladder in the first part, although the ladder was pretty dangourus. After that was a long awkward climb down into the tunnels 30 meters below.

In 2016 some complete prick, who has offical acsess to the tunnels, decided to block up the door at the bottom of the airshaft. So after a long climb down you can't get into the tunnels.

Near the Shorts Tunnels is a tunnel that leads to an abandoned Bennie lift. This used to lead up to a building on the hill which has been demolished.