Upper Lines

Location: View location on map
Status: Turned into a park (some parts abandoned, and some parts in use as sports grounds for the army estate)
Access to site: Some of it

This is the upper part of the lines fortifications. Some of this site has been turned into sports grounds for the army estate, but unlike the lower lines, the ditches are abandoned and fenced off.

This is a view from the top of Fort Amherst where there is a locked gate leading into the ditches of the upper lines. A long time ago (When the top end of fort amherst was still part of the paid area of the fort) somebody had left this gate open. I walked though the gate and along the ditch where I found a part of the fort with some pitch black tunnels coming off, I really wanted to explore, but that was when the staff realised the gate was open and people had wandered through it. Recently I have been looking around this area to see if there is a way into the upper lines ditches, but I havn't found one yet.

Annoying gate. let me in!

Looking though the gate. I want to explore the ditches. grrr.

Looking down on the ditches from the cannons at the top of Fort Amherst.

And here is the part of the Upper Lines which has been turned into a park and sports grounds for the army estate.

Looking down into the ditches.

This is a weird part of the Upper Lines. This is actually an island, surrounded by the ditches. This area is now used as tennis courts for the army. There are strict rules about which types of army people have priority using these courts (for some reason this stuff is ultra important to army people).

Club house?

Mystery stairs

One of several bridges over the ditches

Still trying to find a way into the ditches.

Little building near a park area.

And here is a view of the gate to the ditches at the other side of the Upper lines (near brompton barracks).

Looking though the gate.

On a specil open day there was a tour of the closed off areas of the upper lines. The tour was interesting, but as it was an offical tour it had to comply with stupid health and safety. In other words the tour didn't include any of the interesting areas which I was hopiong to see. Also the tour didn't include all the interesting ditches.