Modernization examples

Remember to not just take a lift at face value, some lifts are older than they look. Don't just think the lift is made by the company advertised - they might have just modernized it.

Modernization can range from just replacing the buttons or logic to replaceing everything. When a lift is modernized the company that modernizes it will often remove the original companies sign (some stupid generic companies are known to remove the original companys sign when just maintaining the lift)

Modernization guide

Buttons and Indicaters: the lift buttons are one of the classic things on old lifts, old lift companies made there own indervidual buttons, modern Dewhurst are just dull. The lift buttons should NOT be replaced, instead what should happen is to add the new dewhurst buttons aswell as keeping the original buttons.

Logic: the lifts logic contoller is what gives the lift some of its chacactor, lifts that behave a bit diffrent to normal are intresting. some old lifts have simple logic that can only take one call at a time (so if you call the lift while it is in use it will ignore your call and you need to keep pressing to call it until it is not in use) even though I like old lifts to their original logic it is understanderble to sometimes replace old logic

Motor: the motor gives the lift so much of its charactor and should never be repaced. An old lift with a new motor just feels wrong. somtimes old motors are alterd (the motor controller is replaced) so that an old single speed motor can level, this is almost as bad as the lift will still loose a lot of its charactor and the motor will often not sound the same. Old motors are nice and clunky espeserly single speed motors that don't level, OLD MOTORS SHOULD NOT BE REPLACED

Other stuff: It does not matter if non-important things get replaced (like general maintenace) like the running tracks, cables, pulleys, light bulbs. as long as it doesn't effect the classicness of the old lift

Here are some examples of modernized lifts

Some of these examples have just had their buttons replaced and it is still fairly easy to see what the lift is, and others have been heverly modernized beyond recornition

1980s lift (maybe ALS) that has been modernized by Kone to look like an ecodisc. (ecomod)

Keighly and O&K partnership lift but buttons replaced by a generic company

1960s express lifts modernized by Otis

Heverly modernized 1960s express lift

A 1980s express lift that has had its buttons replaced and also an unknown lift that has had an ecomod (video shows the motor room)

A 1960s Pickerings? buttons have been replaced by otis

Heverly modernized 1960s express lift by otis

Here are some examples of places that want an old looking lift but don't actually want an old lift.

What follows are some old lifts that have been heverly modernized but still look old to fit the building

What these places don't understand is that these lift might look old but no longer feel old - it is always better to keep the original motor

Horribly modernized lift at cadogen hotel. I can't make out what is written on the counter weight.

Horribly modernized 1920s Otis lift. if you look closely you can see that this lift has automatic inner doors added.

1930s bennie lift made to look new and shiny but motor and logic have been replaced

1930s Hammond & Champness modernized by hammond and champness in the 1960s at Hammond & chamopness's head offices!