Crane climbing

Here are my faviorite crane climbs.

Riding the trolley of a crane

This tower crane was 80 meters high. We took turns of riding the carriage (that the hook is attached to) that travels across the arm of the crane. This was very scary due to how high and exposed it was and that the crane's structure is designed to have flex in the metal which makes it sway in the wind.

Please note: What we did in this vereo is dangerous and should not be coppied.

Building a bridge to get to a crane

Due to the number of explorers that climb cranes, a lot of sites in London now have crane protection. This is where a cage is put around the crane and a trap door is locked shut on the ladder. We found a crane with protection, but we were not going to give up that easily. Also I was with Dylan Rhodes, who is well known for going to extreme lengths! So we climbed the scafolding of the building site next to the crane, and then we did somthing crazy. We built a bridge across to the crane. I still can't belive that we did this.

My first crane climb

How were we not caught! I climbed my first crane in broad daylight, and we even drove it!

My second crane climb

This time at night. I almost got caught on this one!

A very cheap and nasty crane

A very well built crane