Night time building site fun

At night when all the workers have gone home, out come the urban explorers!

My private building site

I call this place my private building site because I used to play on this site every week. The site is very weird, it is a big site but has pretty much no security. There are cameras, but nobody watches them.

This building site is an old office building which is having some floors added and being turned into flats. The site contains a badly built crane and a creept climbing lift.

One night when playing on the site we suddenly realised we were not alone on the site. Explorers are not the only people to go on building sites at night. The situation started to turn nasty, but very slowly, and we were slowly being surrounded. We got out fast!

10 adventures at 3am

This video is a compilation of 10 scaffolding adventures at 3am.

3am scaffolding climbing near Trafalgar Square

More building site fun

Building site lift fun