Medway's Abandoned Forts and Bunkers

Despite how dull most of Medway is, there are LOADS of amazing abandoned forts and Bunkers in Medway and the surrounding area.

These forts were built from the 1850s, through both world wars, and to the cold war. Some of the forts have survived as tourist attractions. It is amazing how many abandoned forts there are in this area.

RANT: One word I absolutely hate is "restoration". What makes these abandoned places so special is that they haven't been over restored. When people talk about restoring places, they say that they are turning them back to how they used to be. THEY ARE NOT. What they are actually doing is turning them into horrid museum theme parks. I HATE so called 'historic buildings' where the building has been converted into a modern tourist experience. Like some twat has just tried to a make it look historic to attract tourists, but have taken away the building's character.

What to see first if you are new here....

HMS Wildfire






List of places in the guide

Brompton Barracks
Centre Bastion Battery
Chatham Dockyard
Chattenden Barracks
Cliffe Ordnance Storage
Cliffe Fort
Coalhouse Fort
Cookham Wood Fort
Cooling Castle
Deep Redoubt
Dunkirk Radar Station
Fort Amherst
Fort Borstall
Fort Bridgewoods
Fort Clarence
Fort Darland"
Fort Darnet
Fort Delce
Fort Gillingham
Fort Hoo
Fort Horstead
Fort Luton
Fort Pitt
Garisson Point Fort
Gillingham nuclear bunker
Grain Battery
Grain Land Fort
Grain Sea Fort
Grange Redoubt
Gravesend nuclear bunker
HMS Pembroke
HMS Wildfire
Kingsnorth Airship Station
Lodge Hill Barracks
Lower Lines
Maunsell Sea Forts
Medway (Southern Water) nuclear bunker
Milton Range
New Tavern Fort
Northfleet AEI Tunnels
Rochester Castle
Shornemead Fort
Shorts Tunnels
Slough Fort (Allhallows)
Tilbury Fort
Upper Lines
Upnor Castle
Woodlands Redoubt

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