Skyscrapersim is closed

Due to an undisclosed reason about the community around skyscrapersim, skyscrapersim has been removed from this site.

I do not want my skyscrapersim work being used in the current situation


Although skyscrapersim program is opensource, by buildings and content are NOT. Also my building creators are NOT.

All of my skyscrapersim buildings, images and sounds are COPYRIGHT (C) BENO. All rights reserved.

All of my skyscrapersim building creators are COPYRIGHT (C) BENO. All rights reserved.

I do NOT give permission for anyone to redistubute any of my copyrighted work under any circumstances.

I will actively pursue and take legal action against anyone who uploads any of my copyrighted work. This includes my buildings (including modified versions of my buildings), my images, my sounds and my building creators.

Maybe if the situation changes in the future I may feel that it is aproprate to put my skyscrapersim work back online.